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Empreender Liberta

undertake frees

Location: Av. Europa - São Paulo/SP

This mural is an open-air painting painted exclusively for Beauty'in company by Cris Arcangeli , one of the most enterprising women in Brazil.

The concept of art represents the liberated female entrepreneurship.

We see in the work a female figure looking up with open arms and very happy, symbolizing accomplishment, gratitude and strength; around it we see that it is within the communities where it starts its enterprise and then gains strength and expands to the world. It is observed that the sun that is between the buildings and fits in her hands, characterizing the power that exists in her hands.

Warhol and Basquiat

Warhol and Basquiat

Size: 9x15 meters

This mural has the concept of showing us the opposite of what we see, when we close our eyes we realize that there is nothing we can see only feel, so here we do a deep reflection on what our eyes often confuse us when we use it wrongly . Try to look with your heart, then you will know how much we don't know each other. Close your eyes to feel the hidden beauty within each human being

A mesa Ferida de Frida Kahlo

Missing Works

Frida Kahlo's Wound Table

Location: W ynwood/Miami

This project aims to reproduce in murals in the streets of all places, 3 famous works that have been lost in time or destroyed forever, giving them the opportunity to be visited in a large open-air art museum. Frida Kahlo's injured table was last seen in Warsaw in 1955. The reproduction of the work  it's on Wynwood/Miami NW 28th St/NW 2nd Ave where you can see Frida herself painting her missing painting. 

O rei do baião

the king of the baião

Size: 3x9 mts

Luiz Gonzaga is considered one of the most important figures in Brazilian music, his legacy still influences talent throughout Brazil.

I had the pleasure and honor of portraying in a mural composed of three walls, the front wall shows the singer fragmented  with its accordion, then joins a large colored accordion that occupies the two side walls forming an intense mural like this magnificent singer.

O nascimento de Vênus

The born of Venus

Size: 5x15 meters

Location: Diadem/SP

Venus has many forms of artistic representation, from classical (Greek Roman) to modern  passing through the Renaissance.

And of a divine anatomy, considered by the ancient Greeks and Romans as the goddess of eroticism, beauty and love. This mural is a reinterpretation of the famous work of the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli, made over 500 years ago.

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